To preserve the environment


The cultivation of vineyards is conducted with attention to preserving wildlife and the surrounding flora. Rene Bohn was then a pioneer of green cover much of the French vineyards were chemically weeded.

The harvest is manual, not machines that grind the grape. For winemaking, Rémy is in favor of letting nature speak without much work on the musts and wines. These are dry and express the territory.

Throughout the year the vineyard requires care almost constant which leave little respite from the winemaker. Even in winter, there is little rest, it’s time to size. In late June, flowering, already prefigures the flower cluster.

In 100 days, harvesting. When the flowering vine, vine grower trembles: it is cold or raining (the sagging: the flowers fall without fruit) harvest will be reduced.

After months of hard labor, also punctuated by concerns due to climatic incidents or outbreaks of diseases of the vine. Here is the long awaited moment or contemplation of grapes reached optimum maturity joy filled the winemaker.

It is for him the ultimate accolade. After being cut, the grapes are progressively channeled to the tanks waiting headland.
This hard work, especially in the hills, lies still for at hood bearer.

Immediately met the hoods, the precious cargo will go to the press. After the harvest, the work of Rémy Bohn is not finished. The grape once pressed will undergo quite a transformation. Within a few hours, it will become the must ensured that such an infant, as a teenager will delight connoisseurs.

Musts and wines are monitored daily. The darkness and quiet of the cave are conducive to cecontrôle daily. Remy Bohn sui and its product with love and discipline.